Latest News

A). Goldcet Africa Plc commenced collaboration with a world renowned Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health (CTLGH) in enhancing good lives for animals especially cattle and poultry.
B). Goldcet have also commenced collaborative discussion with a major global leader on Food production like rice, maize, millet, guinea corn and other legumes.
C). Further areas of discussion and research are:

1. Commercialisation of Technology, Provision of Agric tech catalyst, Food system innovation and future research and development.
2. Regulation about food production and animal in Africa
3. Carbon Footprint
4. Economic Modelling

Goldcet Africa Plc met experts to discuss the germplasm genetic bank and how it will benefit Africa in the following areas;

i) Improve the genetic pool of the indigenous cattle and increase their population by numbers.
ii) Provide source of income and livelihood to the community whereby farmers can have their own cows and have the access to the genetic bank for improving milk or meat yield for sale to nearby communities.


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