Each Goldcet hydroponics fodder unit produces 2 tonnes of fresh fodder each day contained within a highly insulated building featuring a state-of-the-art climate control system.

We also offer attractive financial package options to assist our Clients and also offer automated water and nutrient delivery processes and state of the art climate control management provisions, all incorporated within our insulated building and grow rooms.


By engaging with Goldcet, our financial packages can offer clients the means to grow their business by offering tailor made ‘fit for purpose ‘funding parcels.

Subject to our due diligence checks to ascertain suitability to engage, these funding packages are tailor made to suit the particular requirements of respective Clients and are strategically designed and delivered to be fit for purpose.

Goldcet Finance can help you to find the most advantageous finance deal to suit your particular circumstances and needs. Working with our Financial Partners will help you explore a range of finance options and solutions which best suit your aspirations and goals. We also assist prospective Clients in selecting a ‘fit for purpose’ plan to suit your company and one which best enables you to achieve the best possible business outcome.


Goldcet Risk Management Team provides oversight responsibility for the Business. Risk Management therefore identifies, assesses and prioritizes risks followed by coordinated application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.

Market Risk
The Market Risk Unit manages the risk created by or inherent within the bank’s assets/liability portfolio including commitments, dealing and trading activities.
These are associated with:
Interest rate risk
Foreign Exchange risk

Operational Risk
The Operational Risk manages the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.
Goldcet has adopted the following principles to guide decision making throughout the organization:  
• Conducts its business with integrity and observes high standards of market conduct,  
• Conducts its business with due skill, care and diligence,  
• Organizes and controls its affairs responsibly and effectively with sound risk management systems and procedures,  
• Treats its clients fairly and communicates with them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading,  
• Manages conflict of interest fairly, between itself and its clients,  
• Manages operational risk in a cost-effective manner, subject to compliance with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements and operational risk exposures,  
• Every member of staff plays an active role in the management of operational risk, and  
• Deals with its regulators and other supervisory bodies in an open and co-operative way, making full and open disclosure of operational risk events where appropriate.  
Compliance Risk
The Compliance Unit aims at insulating our business from risks that could arise from Non-Compliance with government laws, rules and regulations, and prescribed practices both International and Local.


The initial ‘showcase’ Goldcet Africa plc Hub will demonstrate a working model of Goldcet in action which will present the commercial capability and potential rewards from engaging with the Goldcet strategies and services. This Hub will also be used as an Educational and Training facility for prospective business development from African, International and interested UN delegations.

As well as operating directly owned and operated Goldcet Africa plc commercial Hubs, we will sell similar commercial business models to Sub Agencies. Prospective Sub Agency executives and personnel will be trained in Goldcet procedures and regulations in our Training Facility at the Showcase Hub.

In return from their purchasing, Goldcet Africa Sub-Agencies will have the sole rights to ‘commission and develop’ their own Goldcet Farming and Energy Hub villages and to enjoy the profits therefrom. All commercial Hubs will operate under strict Goldcet marketing and branding conditions and regulations and will be subject to Goldcet Africa reporting systems and monitoring procedures.    

The Goldcet Hub ‘for profit’ craft villages will be made up from variations of the following component parts;    

Hydroponic ‘fodder units’ producing harvests over 8 days which will sustain 100 indigenous cattle within a 2-3 acre cow-palace site.    

Where appropriate, these units will be linked with an Anaerobic Digestor conversion units to turn cattle slurry to methane gas which will enable fuelling all HUB & Village tractors etc.    

  It is estimated that the quality fodder will far exceed existing feeding programme harvests and yields by a factor of 6-10 and reduce current grazing requirements by 97%.      

It is further envisaged that to win community hearts, minds support and commitment, that Goldcet Africa (and our Sub Agencies) offer the adjoining village around each Hub, 5% of the equity and profits. Having Community engagement and participatory ownership is recognised as being vital to minimise vandalism, theft and irresponsible usage of facilities. There will also be a multi-media education and presentation unit attached to each Hub where villagers can enjoy leisure, vocational and family management training and a local micro bank to provide accounts and services.

Our R&D department play a key role in our capacity for innovation. We devote a good percentage of our revenue to product development. We are currently working in partnership with leading institutions that are well grounded in research and development.


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